Flying Colors!: Best Sellers in Adult Coloring Books with Stress Relieving Patterns, Mandalas, Animals, Flowers and other Beautiful Designs

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Are you stressed out!? We have a solution!

Our beautifully designed adult coloring book will help you relax and decompress in minutes. We’ve included ornate patterns, intricately designed animals, and stress relieving mandalas for your enjoyment. When your busy schedule has you all wound up, sit down and relax with our best selling coloring book for adults. With our adult coloring books you’ll have the chance to unwind and let your inner child shine as you color for hours in our unique adult coloring book. Here are some of the images our book contains.

  • Beautiful mandalas
  • Cute animals
  • Ornate flower designs
  • Multiple Insects 

And many more!

Whether you enjoy intricate patterns or ornately drawn animals we are certain you will be extremely pleased with the images inside this book. Please relax, clear your mind and color to your hearts content.


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