Mein Kampf: (Banned and the Bestseller)

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Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. All editions included.

Caveat Emptor:

There are reviews here that talks of the special character and other errors/mistakes but you should know that these reviews are posted for other editions of Mein Kampf and not for this Mein Kampf.

Mein kampf is the only published work by German Fascist leader of 30’s and 40’s, a man who had served in the Imperial German Army (Deutsches Heer) in first world war and had closely perceived the battleground strategies, an unforgettable personality, Adolf Hitler.

An Introduction:

A messiah or hero of twentieth century who was however, largely unpopular of his Nazist and Fascist viewpoints in the western imperialist world, still was loved and respected around the other parts of the world for he was inciting and propagating for a new world order.

He was a key force of first half of the twentieth century that made the people believe in struggle for their freedom and about the fallacy of western imperialists.

In his journey or quest to conquer the world with his brave army and neatly and strongly laid vision, plan and propaganda he won 40 nations and the land through the German Reich to the Caucasus Mountains. Adolf Hilter was more than a Chancellor of the German Reich, he was a force of wisdom, positive vision and counteractive shield to the subjugated people of slave countries.

About the Book:

Many people do not know that the book ‘Mein Kampf’, this particular Edition was banned in the western world and it is the same book that rose to heights of International bestsellers once the ban was lifted.

However, it is obvious that this book or a part thereof was an instant bestseller in the Deutschland (Germany) and rose to greater heights in no time. The ‘Mein Kampf’ of Adolf Hitler was written in two periods stretching from the days of imprisonment in the Bavarian fortress.

It was 1923, when the greatest humiliation for the German blood or kin appeared in the form of French invasion of Germany. The invasion took place in the Ruhr district from where the French took control over many cities of the Rhineland.

Adolf Hitler was arrested with many of his comrades in an active campaign against the French invaders. He was sentenced for a term of five years by the Munich’s People Court and was sent to the Landsberg am Lech to serve his sentence.

Mein Kampf is a live journey of the one of the greatest strategist and general of the history.

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